About Us

Tosin is a Nigerian chef, caterer and food stylist. She has been in restaurant business for more than 29 years. She developed passion for cooking ever since she was a little girl in her mother's restaurant in Nigeria. She saw how food brought people together and put smile on their faces.


After graduating from college she went to catering school for additional knowledge and through her extensive experience in the business she founded MICTOS CATERING.


Mictos Catering based majorly on Nigerian food and we cater and train. With our training, we are always where you are to bring the TASTE, LOOK and AROMA of Nigerian cuisine to all our clients (whether you are Nigerian or not) with a click of a button.


Most people in foreign countries wait till Mummy or Grandma visit before they enjoy their favorite dishes or countdown to the time they will visit Nigeria. With Mictos Catering the wait is over because we will train you how to prepare your favorite dishes in the comfort of your home on the same day you crave for it.


With us you will always surprise your friends and family with delicious dishes.


I will use this opportunity to say a big thanks to my Mum for everything you taught me both in rain and sunshine. Mum you are the BEST.