FRIED YAM/DUNDU/ISU DINDINFriday, April 18, 2014






African yam (African/ Caribbean store)




Vegetable/ Peanut/ Canola oil for frying




1.    Peel the yam


2.    Place on a chopping board and cut from top to the bottom; take one part of the yam and repeat the same process


3.    Take one piece of the cut yam; place on the chopping board and cut in a diagonal shape to a slim small piece, repeat the process until you are done


4.    Pour yam in a bowl of water, rinse, pour in a sieve and set aside to drain


5.    Pour oil in a wok/stockpot until it reach the center of the pot


6.    Sprinkle the yam with salt, toss and pour in the hot oil at 325-350 degree (you can use slotted spoon to put the yam in the hot oil) and fry for approximately 7-10 minutes




- Be careful when frying yam as not to boil over or spill on your stove because it can cause FIRE

- Do not overcrowd the oil during frying

- If your oil is too hot, within 2 minutes the outside will turn golden brown while the inside will still be raw yam (so make sure your oil is not too hot) and if not hot enough you will have a soggy yam (so make sure to have the perfect temperature of oil)

- When working with African yam called new yam (isu tuntun) you have to be careful when handling because it can cause itching (so after cutting of yam, make sure to wash your hand with soap)