NIGERIAN FRIED EGGSunday, April 20, 2014






6 fresh raw egg


2 roma tomatoes chopped (½ lb.)


1 habanero/scotch bonnet chopped


1 small onion chopped


2 tablespoon of oil




1 maggi/bouillon cube (optional)


¼ cup of water




1.    Place a frying/sauté pan on a medium heat; add water, chopped tomato, onion, habanero, salt, maggi and boil for 10-12 minutes




2.    Break the egg in a bowl, add boiled pepper and mix with a fork




3.    Put a clean frying pan on the stove; add oil and allow to heat for some seconds,pour the mixed egg and fry between 3-5 minutes and taste (stir the egg gently with wooden spatula during frying)




4.    Serve along with bread, boiled yam, plantain etc.